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Here you can find information about medieval (ancient) castles was built by Crusaders on Latvian's nowadays territory: the basic data of Livonian Order castles, castles of Order of Sword-bearers, castles of Riga's Archbishop, as well as fragments of antique chronicles, information about castles residents, illustrations etc. Language selector:

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Almost 400 years the present territory of Latvia was part of the feudal states of Livonian order of crusaders as well as Riga's and Kurzeme's archbishops. During the period from 1185 to 1562 German feudal lords have constructed more than 100 castles in territory of present Latvia and a little bit less - in territory of present Estonia. Exact quantity of these castles is not known, as many of them collapsed in the first years after construction, some were wooden, and were not saved up to now. We assume, that in territory of Latvia 128 castles have been constructed, but this quantity can be changed in the long run on the basis of new historical researches in this area.
Riga's archbishop territory Main arterial roads and highways
in the beginning of XXI century
Kurzeme's bishop territory Medieval castles situated
inside the towns
Livonian Order territory Medieval castles situated
outside the towns

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