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Here you will find antique and modern illustrations associated with Latvian's castles of Crusaders period as well as castles residents. Focusing your attention to various thematic columns. Language selector:

Part 1: "Two pictures met" Today - Jaunpils

Beginning of
the 20 cent.
(before 1905)

Beginning of
the 21 cent.

Part 2: "Ancient engravings" Today - Castle of Cesis

V. Staven-

J.D. Feit

Von Ungern-

J.K. Broce

Part 3: "Portraits" Today - bishops Meinard and Bertold

Saint Meinard - the canon from the Augustin monastery in Zageberg (Golstand), has arrived to Livonia about 1180. In 1184 has constructed in Ikshkile a wooden chapel, began missionary activity; in 1185 has constructed stone church and the castle in Ikshkile, then on island Martinsala. In 1185 the Bremen bishop has erected it in a dignity of bishop of neogenic Ikshkile's episcopacy "in Russia". Has died in 1196. For merits in distribution of christianity among local residents the Catholic church has canonized it.

Bertold - the former abbey of a Cisterian's monastery in Lokuma (a Prussian province Hannover). In 1196 has visited Livonia as the missionary. Having received in Bremen the dignity of bishop, per 1197 has returned to Livonia. Was met very hostile by local population, has decided to resort to force. In 1197-98 has gone round Saxony and Westphalia, calling for a crusade against Livonians, and per 1198 has come with a home guard. On July, 24, 1198 on. A place of modern Riga there was a battle which Saxons have won, but Bishop was killed.

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